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Religion Column — THE Super spreader

By Fr. Jonathan Filkins When we look back upon the year 2020, we shall, (pardon the pun,) do so with perfect eyesight. Even during this ... Read more

Religion Column — To thine own self be true

By Fr. Jonathan Filkins In one of William Shakespeare’s best-known plays, we find the principal character Hamlet bent on avenging his father’s death. The setting ... Read more

Waves in the jet stream bring changing weather

By Skip Rigney Four fast moving waves of low pressure up at altitudes where the jets fly will bring us a roller coaster of changing ... Read more

Unusually warm Atlantic fueled busy hurricane season

By Skip Rigney The 2020 Atlantic basin hurricane season, which includes the Gulf of Mexico and Carribean Sea, came to its official end this past ... Read more

Bring on winter

By Felder Rushing Wish I had taken my own sage advice last week, to bring frost-tender plants indoors before it was too late. Felt pretty ... Read more

Had you enough of 2020 yet, Bunky?

By Fr. Jonathan Filkins By any measure it has been a tough year, at least for we weary pilgrims. The word “pilgrims” seems to be ... Read more

Light freeze possible Monday and Tuesday nights

By Skip Rigney December is the first month of meteorological winter, and it looks like it will get off to an appropriately cold start in ... Read more

Religion Column — For He is our peace

By Fr. Jonathan Filkins So, it begins. With expanded waistlines, we begin to stalk the various perceived holiday deals which tickle our fancies and cannot ... Read more

Religion Column – Let us keep the feast

By Fr. Jonathan Filkins It seems particularly appropriate to talk about food at this time of the year. Next Thursday being Thanksgiving Day, we are ... Read more

Cooler air on the way, but no freezes

By Skip Rigney The weather the last couple of days has been beautiful. Blue skies, low humidities, and daytime temperatures mostly in the 70s can ... Read more

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