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May Marks Mental Health Awareness Month

Mississippi Department of Mental Health (DMH) Encourages Mississippians to Think Again about Personal Mental Health in Light of Pandemic  By DMH Executive Director Wendy Bailey ... Read more

Avoiding procrastination

By Jan Miller Penton The sun peeks out hesitantly now and again as if to tease. Thirsty trees and shrubs have soaked up the moisture ... Read more

Hearts in Touch, Mother’s Day

By Ronnie Michel My 62nd birthday is on Mother’s Day, and I’m not disappointed about this consolidation of events. My children are my greatest gifts. Motherhood ... Read more

Alzheimer’s and dementia in rural communities

Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias are not a big city problem.  Alzheimer’s plays no favorites, and people living in the vast rural areas of Texas are ... Read more

Discoveries of Earth-sun connections continue

By Skip Rigney It has been hard to miss the brilliant, beautiful May sunshine over the last few days. The scarcity of clouds, combined with ... Read more

Celebration of heritage and family

By Brenda Taylor African ancestry DNA testing revealed  that on the maternal side my family our roots are traced back to the Mende tribe of ... Read more

Take time to smell the roses

Maybe it’s just anecdotal but, after such a harsh winter, but either we’ve forgotten what happens every spring, or the roses actually do seem fuller ... Read more

Culinary peppers are great garden additions

By Gary R. Bachman MSU Extension Service The month of May signals that it’s time for me to start planting culinary peppers in my home ... Read more

Never stop learning

Do you remember the first time someone showed you something in the garden, and explained it to you, kick-starting a lifetime of wonder? Just as ... Read more

Historic April rains were triple the average

By Skip Rigney This April was one of the wettest in the lifetimes of even the oldest residents of southern Pearl River County. Rainfall as ... Read more

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