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Ending February on a warm note

By Skip Rigney Friday was the first time since the second week of November that temperatures in Pearl River County came close to 80 degrees. ... Read more

A little love can lead to a big change

By Jan Miller Penton The heavy scent of gardenias filled my nostrils as I stood in the crooked line meandering around the side of the ... Read more

Every day is a good day to find money

By David McRae We all know the feeling we get when we dig out an old coat and find a $20 bill hidden in the ... Read more

Milder and drier weather returns

By Skip Rigney After a cold week the weather pendulum will swing back to a milder position in the days ahead. Temperatures are forecast to ... Read more

Failure to heed a warning put me over my head

By Jan Miller Penton As a child I loved the water until one eventful day changed my perspective.  The small community where we lived had ... Read more

Researching the holiday based on love

By Jan Miller Penton Occasionally I like to do a little research into our holidays and their origins. My dad loved history, and my brothers ... Read more

Hard freeze possible Monday night

By Skip Rigney Writing this column feels like deja vu. Three of the themes from last Saturday are still major topics this week. First, bitterly ... Read more

Avoiding too much of a good thing

By Jan Miller Penton The morning sun beat on my bare shoulders as I skipped down the steps toward the Hide-A-Way Lake pool.  The water ... Read more

Bitter cold lurking to our north

By Skip Rigney A major outbreak of bitterly cold arctic air will be the big weather story across the central United States during the upcoming ... Read more

New supercomputer to aid weather research

By Skip Rigney If you will be writing a check to the Internal Revenue Service on or before April 15th this year, I have a ... Read more

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