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Cristobal slowly lumbers toward Gulf Coast

By Skip Rigney Pearl River County is under a flood watch as tropical cyclone Cristobal is expected to spread heavy rain across southern portions of ... Read more

If only we’d take the time to listen

By Jan Miller Penton I remember in the 70’s when I was in high school and a young, black man had car trouble near our ... Read more

Drier weather forecast to begin June

By Skip Rigney Rain during the first half of this past week was enough to make May slightly wetter-than-average in most parts of Pearl River ... Read more

In life, proceed with caution

By Jan Miller Peton The steady hum of my neighbor’s lawnmower provides a background to the lovely melody of the songbirds and wind chimes that ... Read more

Why spring breezes disappear during summer

By Skip Rigney There’s nothing I find more relaxing than grabbing a good book in the late afternoon on a sunny, mild spring day, dragging ... Read more

Make your life experiences a gift

By Jan Miller Penton My mom and dad, as well as my late husband, have been gone from this earth for quite a while. It ... Read more

Unseasonable cool front for Mother’s Day

By Skip Rigney Temperatures Tuesday afternoon hit 90 degrees in Pearl River County for the first time since October. But a cool front Tuesday night ... Read more

Now it’s time to plant my garden

By Jan Miller Penton The dark, rich soil spilling from the dump truck into my newly built planter causes me delight. I can imagine the ... Read more

Prepare for near 90 degree weather

By Skip Rigney The last time it was undeniably hot was back during the first week of October when afternoon highs reached the middle 90s ... Read more

Noticing change in a brave new world

By Jan Penton Miller On this gorgeous spring morning I trekked through my neighborhood with my furry friend leading the way. Because Missy, my mighty ... Read more

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