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Religion column: Let us keep the feast

By Fr. Jonathan Filkins The Christian Apostle, Saint Paul, was regularly charged with the sentiments and actions of the early Church. Without our methodologies of ... Read more

Communicating rainfall risk from tropical storms

By Skip Rigney The federal government is funding research that focuses on improving how the risks from tropical cyclones are communicated to the public. One ... Read more

Wonderful and gracious is all around

By Jan Miller Penton The sunlight streams into the sunroom bathing my little dachshund in its golden glow. The warmth of those rays lulls her ... Read more

Tropical Atlantic off to a busy start

By Skip Rigney The seventh and eighth tropical storms of the year formed this past week, making this the fastest start to an Atlantic hurricane ... Read more

Contemplating the change of a new location

By Jan Miller Penton I stepped out onto the back porch this morning in the wee hours to enjoy the birdsongs and my coffee. As ... Read more

Demonstrate peace so others will yearn for it

By Jan Miller Penton Another Independence Day has come and gone. I’m proud to be an American even though many seem to be bent on ... Read more

It will soon be easier for military spouses to work in Mississippi

By Brett Kittredge Rather quietly, the state legislature unanimously passed a bill that will break down barriers to work for military families in Mississippi. The ... Read more

… and God saw it was very good

By Fr. Jonathan Filkins One of the obvious separations between ourselves and God are the disparate ways we look upon our creations and His Creations. ... Read more

Heat advisories likely next few days

By Skip Rigney The heat is on. The next few days are forecast to be the hottest so far this summer. Afternoon temperatures are expected ... Read more

Religion column: The ruler by the Ruler

By Fr. Jonathan Filkins Let’s say our number is up; it’s time to go to eternity; we are headed for the “last roundup.” These euphemisms, ... Read more

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