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Cathy Cook

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Giving animals a second life

A stuffed bobcat hangs from the ceiling of Bunny Lane Taxidermy’s studio, waiting for its wings. Tina the stuffed bunny is silhouetted in the window, ... Read more

COVID-19 survivor shares her story

For Vinner Scott, COVID-19 is more than a public health crisis—it resulted in a personal tragedy. Scott lost her mother Earnestine Johns Carter to COVID-19 ... Read more

Alligators will eat pets

While uncommon, instances of pets being taken by alligators do occur in Mississippi and Pearl River County. Local farmer Leilani Rosenbaum found that out the ... Read more

School districts can apply for funding soon

Local school districts should be able to apply for federal CARES Act funds to help districts respond to COVID-19 in a matter of weeks, not ... Read more